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WiNEZ was a monthly event at EZ Street Saloon in South Range, WI. Unfortunately, due to lower turn out the owners had decided to stop hosting the event. The last wine night at EZ was held on November 12, 2014. But that is not to say the die hards won't be getting together for some wine tasting periodically at EZ Street Saloon. I will continue to blog the wines we have tasted pre starting this blog, along with our impromptu meetings, and maybe transform the blog into something more personal. We will see where it goes. I do know the blog will still be about wine!

So for my WiNEZ pals you can count on this blog to serve as an archive of what was consumed and a reference for your spending sprees. For those who are just curious about what the Northwest Wisconsinites are drinking here are some thoughts… but be warned I am by no means a wine expert-I only know what I like. Since I am not an expert I will try to include the winemakers label descriptions as well.

Salute! or as the Finnish would say Kippis!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Astoria Lounge Moscato-Malvasia the Pink Bubbly

Astoria Lounge Moscato-Malvasia is a pleasant dessert wine made from a blend of Moscato and Malvasia Nera graped produced in the DOCG region of Italy.  Astoria Vini has 32 acres of vineyards located in the “Tenuta Val de Brun” territory, located in Refrontolo, in the hear fo Conegliano-Valdobbiadene.  The vines benefit from the hilly terrane and mild climate.

The blend of Moscato and Malvasia Nera grapes give this sweet wine a nice complexity of fruit flavors with hints of pear, apples, grapes common for Moscatos and ripe strawberries and raspberries of the Malvasia. Both varietals contribute a nice spiciness to round out this wine.  It is fermented in steel tanks and can be cellared for up to 2 years. Astoria Lounge Mascato-Malvasia can be enjoyed as a toast or simply sitting out on the deck.

Varietal:  Mascato- Malvasia Nera
Producer/Importer: Astoria Lounge
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Price: $7.00
Tasting notes:
 Sight (Color/Clarity): Salmon pink
Smell (bouquet, aroma): Berries
Taste (acidity, balance, body): Sweet, a light bubbly, light on alcohol, Berries and  spice with a hint of tannins.
Bottle presentation:
Label description: Ripe strawberries, berries and roses smell. Open and inviting with light notes of cherries and berries. Soft mousse, persistent and refreshing. Full flavor, subtle and beautiful spicy drily. Good bitters give a good balance with the slightly sweet taste and the fresh zuurtje. Aftertaste of raspberry, blueberry and many little tannin. The wine is low in alcohol and is therefore pleasantly drinkable. Spicy sweet and subtle thirst-quenching. Great for on the terrace!
Comparisons: A little more complex and festive than the typical Moscato d’Asti
Overall rating (1-10): 9
Date consumed: December 14, 2011
Comments: 7% abv

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  1. I think this wine is fab-u-lous! I will buy more, definitely.