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WiNEZ was a monthly event at EZ Street Saloon in South Range, WI. Unfortunately, due to lower turn out the owners had decided to stop hosting the event. The last wine night at EZ was held on November 12, 2014. But that is not to say the die hards won't be getting together for some wine tasting periodically at EZ Street Saloon. I will continue to blog the wines we have tasted pre starting this blog, along with our impromptu meetings, and maybe transform the blog into something more personal. We will see where it goes. I do know the blog will still be about wine!

So for my WiNEZ pals you can count on this blog to serve as an archive of what was consumed and a reference for your spending sprees. For those who are just curious about what the Northwest Wisconsinites are drinking here are some thoughts… but be warned I am by no means a wine expert-I only know what I like. Since I am not an expert I will try to include the winemakers label descriptions as well.

Salute! or as the Finnish would say Kippis!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bosca Verdi Spumante the Malted Beverage

Verdi Spumante meaning “versatile sparkling” in Italian is classy enough to drink with a toast or casual enough to drink on the deck while grilling out. However, it is not a wine.  Verdi Spumante is a flavored malt beverage- it is fermented from grains, unlike wines which are fermented from fruit.  Therefore technically speaking, Verdi is closer to a beverage like Zima, Mike’s hard Lemonade or beer than it is to a wine. Even so it looks like a wine, acts a little like a wine, and it is certainly marketed to compete against wine, so we will compare it like a wine....sort of.

Verdi Spumante has the faint aromas of pear and possibly peaches. It is simple, bubbly, crisp, and refreshing.  It has a slightly musty finish which I contribute to the malt. I felt it lacked structure and depth typical of wine, but then again its not a wine. Despite its simplicity, each of us thought there was different hidden flavor. I personally thought of Lemon lime soda, but others were reminded of lychee, peaches, raspberry, pineapple or pears.

The bottle has a traditional champagne top that does pop when opened, but unlike the tradition champagne bottle, once you open the bottle you can reapply the cap tightly and refrigerate to enjoy later. But really who are we kidding, there won’t be any for later.

I would recommend Verdi Spumante to anyone who finds tradition sparkling wines too dry and complex or anyone who likes the sweeter wines. It is a delicate refreshing sparkling beverage that should appeal to anyone.

Varietal:  Spumante-malted beverage
Producer/Importer: Bosca
Region: Italy
Price: $7.00
Tasting notes: Remember this is not a wine.
 Sight (Color/Clarity): Nearly colorless with just a slight tint of green
 Smell (bouquet, aroma): Sugary, slightly musty (must be the malt), maybe a hint of pear
Taste (acidity, balance, body): Delicate and sweet. Lacks structure and depth. I noticed the hint of malt beverage- and a strange 7up like flavor.  Others thought they tasted Lychee, pear, raspberry. pineapple or peach
Bottle presentation: The bottle has a traditional champagne top that is resealable for later enjoyment.
Winemaker notes: “Verdi Spumante is a natural, sparkling beverage imported
from Italy. Deliciously sparkling and zesty, it has a soft and fruity flavor.
Serve chilled to fully enjoy its balanced, clean, delightful taste. Verdi Spumante is a perfect crowd pleaser for every occasion. Its elegant taste appeals to all…and its re-sealable cork closure preserves the sparkle until you’re ready for the next glass.
This malt beverage with natural flavors is the new fun drink alternative and the fastest-growing sparkling Italian Spumante in the U.S.!”
Overall rating (1-10): 7
Date consumed: December 14, 2011
Comments: 5% abv


  1. Man, this better than beer.

  2. Just tried it for the first time. Where has Verdi been all my life? Absolutely delightful AND affordable.

  3. Love the taste goes great with dinner or just relaxing time. Relaxes you and no headache the next day����������